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The following applications are currently available:

Application name Author(s)
[ APombo_VTA ] APombo_VTA Vedran Franke
[ ARVEX ] Arabidopsis Root Virtual Expression eXplorer Che-Wei Hsu
[ DVEX ] Drosophila Virtual Expression eXplorer Nikos Karaiskos
[ DVMuX ] Drosophila Virtual Multimodal eXplorer Miriam Faxel and Robert Zinzen
[ KidneySpatial ] Reconstruction of spatial single-cell transcriptomics in the kidney Christian Hinze
[ Linnaeus ] LINeage tracing by Nuclease-Activated Editing of Ubiquitous Sequences Pedro Olivares
[ MatFetInt ] Maternal-Fetal Interface Atlas Cornelius Fischer
[ SVZapp ] SVZ Cell Atlas Aristotelis Misios
[ Tol ] A single-nuclei RNA-seq atlas of renal cell types in response to arginine vasopressin receptor 2 antagonism Felix Boivin, Christian Hinze, Janna Leiz, Shuang Cao, Kai Schmidt-Ott
[ VGIE ] Vagal Ganglia Integration Explorer Aristotelis Misios
[ cardiac-translatome ] The human cardiac translatome Franziska Witte, Catherine Sargent
[ humAKI ] Transcriptomic responses of the human kidney to acute injury at single cell resolution Christian Hinze
[ humusc ] Human muscle-derived CLEC14A-positive cells regenerate muscle independent of PAX7 Nikos Karaiskos
[ mgsca ] Mouse glomerulus single-cell atlas Nikos Karaiskos
[ psca ] Planaria Single Cell Atlas Petar Glazar
[ spacegerm ] Spatial Caenorhabditis elegans germline expression of mRNA & miRNA Marcel Schilling


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